How to Use MonitorWiz and CSS Selectors Magic (Basic Guide)

MonitorWiz Guide

If you are new to MonitorWiz, this post is a good place to start.

MonitorWiz is an application used to monitor web page changes. The main focus of MonitorWiz is tracking web page changes accurately using CSS Selectors and notifying users when page changes occur.

Contextual Monitoring Is King

Monitoring can in general be done in two ways – visual and contextual. Visual monitoring compares pages as images while contextual monitoring compares page texts.

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Press Release: Gugila Launches MonitorWiz

Save time and sanity – stay in control with accurate and anonymous web page monitoring

MonitorWiz Work Panel

Slovenia (22 February 2018) – Gugila, a software development company, today announced that it launched MonitorWiz, a web application for accurate and anonymous web page tracking.

MonitorWiz is a web application that allows accurate and anonymous monitoring of web pages. Users will be notified when webpage change is detected and their privacy will be fully protected.

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